Mobile Battery Replacement, Headlights, & Electrical Repairs



Does your auto struggle to start — or not start at all? Are you driving home on one headlight? VTA Valet can quickly solve those problems.

Our mobile auto battery replacement, mobile headlight replacement and mobile auto electrical diagnostic and repair services can get your vehicle back in peak form without any additional hassle.

Mobile auto battery replacement

When you think your auto battery is running out of juice — or completely dead — contact VTA Valet to schedule our quick and easy mobile auto battery replacement service.

We can test and install a new auto battery while you use one of our loaner cars to get to work, pick up your kids from school or complete any of your other daily chores. Schedule mobile auto battery replacement service now.

Mobile auto headlight and bulb replacement

Don’t get left in the dark when your auto headlights, blinkers, signals or interior lights go out. VTA Valet comes to you to replace bulbs and repair any other auto electrical issues you have.

Remembering: driving without proper headlights or signals on your car is against the law. It’s also a dangerous gamble with the safety of your family and other motorists. Steer clear of trouble and let VTA Valet install any auto headlights or bulbs that you need, on your schedule. Schedule mobile auto headlight or bulb replacement service now.

How does VTA Valet’s mobile auto battery, headlight or bulb replacement service work?

VTA Valet’s mobile service allows you to schedule auto repair at home without interrupting your busy life. You simply let us know where we can pick up your car and we handle the details.

When you need mobile auto battery, headlight or bulb replacement service, follow these easy steps:

  • Let us know the kind of service you need. If you’re not sure what’s wrong, tell us that, too. Let us know when and where we can pick up your car.
  • Enjoy your loaner. We’ll pick up your auto and take it to one of the 13 nearby Virginia Tire & Auto locations in Northern Virginia. We’ll leave you a loaner vehicle so you can live your life like you would any day.
  • OK the repairs. A service technician will contact you to discuss the needed repairs. Once you give your approval, the work will be completed.
  • Take your auto home again. We’ll return your vehicle and pick up the loaner.

Does that seem easy enough? Schedule a service appointment now.

VTA Valet: Expert mechanics install America’s best batteries while you work (or play).

After we deliver your auto to the nearest Virginia Auto & Tire shop, expert mechanics test and install the right auto battery replacement model for your vehicle based on manufacturer specifications and your driving habits.

How do these technicians know your driving habits? Because they give you a call before completing any work.

When you use VTA Valet, you can tap into Virginia Tire & Auto’s selection of reliable and long-lasting Interstate auto batteries — America’s number-one replacement brand. No more auto battery worries for you. Schedule a service appointment now.

Mobile auto battery replacement: What happens under the hood

A mechanic will perform an initial auto starter system visual inspection, checking starter cable connections, mounting bolts and brackets for any potential issues.

Next, the mechanic runs a starter electrical draw test, measuring the electricity that turns the engine over during cranking. This number is compared to your auto’s manufacturer specs. The mechanic then decides you need a new battery, and gives you a call. Schedule a service appointment now.

VTA Valet and Interstate: Dependable mobile auto battery replacement

A VTA Valet mobile auto battery replacement includes a fresh Interstate battery for your vehicle. Why Interstate? It’s the brand trusted and preferred by car technicians for 65 years. When you need to be somewhere, Interstate is the car battery with dependability you can trust.

Two auto batteries we love:

  • Interstate Mega-Tron® II: Five-year performance. A 24-month free replacement warranty and a 60-month nationwide performance warranty. Averages 640 cold cranking amps. More power for accessories and plug-in devices than the competition. Starts at $119.99.
  • Interstate Mega-Tron® Plus: Industry-leading 30-month free replacement warranty and a 72-month nationwide performance warranty. Averages 780 cold cranking amps. Even more accessory and device power than the Mega-Tron® II. Starts at $139.99.

VTA mobile auto battery replacement: Check all the boxes.

  • Our best-price guarantee for comparable quality and installation
  • Our guarantee that your car battery meets or exceeds the specifications of your vehicle
  • Fast, prompt installation by a trained technician
  • A guaranteed fresh battery
  • A quick, hassle-free warranty (if needed)

The technicians who install your car battery replacement even use a special process that ensures your radio, navigation and other electronic component presets aren’t erased. That’s convenience! Try scheduling a service appointment at home now.

Get quickly back on the road with VTA Valet

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