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VTA Valet is “Car Care On Your Schedule.” And while you may have a general idea of what that means, you still might have a few questions. Like: Who are these people taking my car? Who’s working on my car? Or: Who came up with this incredibly brilliant and convenient idea? Your answers are here.

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Contact us via email at contact@vtavalet.com. Or by phone at 703.726.7669.

Virginia Tire & Auto has been maintaining and repairing vehicles since 1976.With 13 locations in Northern Virginia, we service over 325,000+ vehicles annually—that amounts to over 5 million customers during our 40 years in business. VTA Valet, designed from the ground up to remove any inconvenience around auto repair and maintenance, is proud to be partnered with such a well-respected organization, in Virginia Tire & Auto.
Pretty much anything and everything. On any make and model. From basic services like oil changes, brake repair, new tire replacement, tire rotations, and Virginia Safety and Emissions inspections, to more advanced services, like engine repairs and computer diagnostics, we can do
it all. Note: We are not a body shop and do not perform auto body work.
No, we do not do manufacturer warranty work and also do not provide any collision related repairs. We can do almost anything else though, including all of your manufacturer’s recommended scheduled maintenance and if you need a recommendation for auto body work, we can help with that too!
The ASE–certified technicians at Virginia Tire & Auto perform a 25–point inspection on every vehicle. We also have state–of–the–art tools and scanners that help us diagnose your car. And of course we share our findings with you before, during, and after your car’s service.
We can definitely help you with that! Our diagnostic fee is $119 per hour, during which an ASE certified technician will perform various tests on the vehicle and road test the vehicle as necessary to identify what is causing the issue.
Virginia Tire & Auto’s ASE certified technicians. They’re the best in the business.
Yes! Our mechanics have more than 310 ASE certifications between them and an average of over 20 years of experience working on all makes and models. They also regularly attend workshops and classes to stay on top of the latest vehicle innovations and repair technologies. Additionally, all of our oil change and tire technicians have completed the Tire Industry Association (TIA) 200 Level Automotive Tire Service training for passenger car and light truck tire and wheel assemblies. To sum it up, our employees are expert auto repair professionals.
$15: includes pickup and drop-off of your vehicle, and the loaner vehicle. This fee is in addition to the cost to service your vehicle. The cost to service your vehicle is the same if you were to bring it in to a Virginia Tire & Auto location. There are no hidden fees or mark-ups on the vehicle maintenance/repair costs. The only difference in the cost when using VTA Valet is the extra $15 for the convenience of the pickup and drop-off service and the loaner vehicle
Sure thing. VTA Valet customers pay the same for their vehicle maintenance/repair costs as customers that come directly to a Virginia Tire & Auto location.
So, for example, a synthetic blend 5-quart oil change starts at $34.99, a tire rotation is $20, a Virginia Safety Inspection is $16, a standard alignment is $99. There are no hidden
fees or mark-ups, just a $15 fee that covers the pickup and drop-off of your vehicle and the loaner vehicle. You can find more pricing information on our Appointment page. And to make things as easy as possible, VTA Valet honors all Virginia Tire & Auto service and discount coupons as well.
Our labor rate is $119 per hour, noting that many of our most popular services have set prices. For example, an oil change starts at $34.99, an alignment starts at $99, new brake pads (with the rotors resurfaced) for many vehicles is $276 per axle. Of course, all of our work is performed by expert technicians and is backed by our industry leading 24 month/24,000 mile warranty. See our full warranty for complete details.
We will provide an estimate before or during your service—either by phone or email, whichever you prefer. We provide transparent estimates, and you make the decision whether to complete the repairs.
We pride ourselves on our integrity and view ourselves as service consultants. Our auto expert service managers will help you prioritize your repairs so that you can make an informed decision as to how to move forward with your vehicle repair based on our recommendations. And, of course, if your vehicle needs less service than originally requested, you will be informed of that good news and those repairs will not be performed, nor would you be charged for them.
We use original equipment quality parts that we source from our trusted vendors.
Yes, you are able to provide your own parts; however, our industry leading 24 month/24,000 mile warranty will not apply to any labor performed with customer supplied parts.
VTA Valet provides concierge car repair, maintenance, service and diagnostic work completely on your schedule and without the wait at the repair shop. You schedule an appointment and we come to you with a loaner vehicle, take your car to our mechanics for service, and return your vehicle when the work is don, even if it is not where we picked up the vehicle.
VTA Valet provides quality auto repair without the wait. Why visit the repair shop when we can come to you. By using VTA Valet, you’ll get hours back in your day so you can spend your valuable time on more important things.
It’s easy. Just create an appointment at VTAvalet.com, select the services you need, and tell us where you want to exchange keys. On the day of your appointment, you will get an email from us telling you that the valet is on the way to pick up your car. You can track where they are in real time from a unique link we send in the email. We will communicate with you every step of the way via SMS/Email notifications, letting you know where your vehicle is in the service or repair process. When your car is ready, we will let you know, and you can track your vehicle all the way back to the location you identified when you made your appointment.
You can book an appointment online by selecting your vehicle pick-up location, desired services, an appointment time that fits your schedule, and some basic vehicle and customer information. It’s super simple and quick.
No, there is not a cancellation fee. However, we ask that all cancellations be submitted to us at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled vehicle pick-up time.
Your vehicle will be picked up at a location of your choosing by a VTA Valet service consultant. Picking up your vehicle is a great way for us to test-drive the vehicle and identify any unusual operating systems. Your vehicle will then be taken to the nearest participating Virginia Tire & Auto location.
Our valet drivers allot plenty of time for travel to ensure that they are on time for vehicle pick-up and drop-off but sometimes they do get caught in Washington, D.C.’s award winning traffic unexpectedly. We do apologize if this is the case. If you have not heard from your valet driver by your appointment time, please give us a call at 703-726-7669 and w will work to resolve the issue or help you reschedule your appointment if necessary.
No, tipping your VTA Valet driver is not necessary. Picking up and dropping off your vehicle is all part of the service!
The duration of your VTA Valet appointment depends on the type of service that you’ve requested for your vehicle but the vast majority of appointments are completed within the same day over a few hours. If for some reason we are unable to complete your repair within the same day, your VTA Valet provided loaner car ensures that you are never without wheels!
All over Northern Virginia. If you have questions about whether the VTA Valet service is available near you, just give us a call at 703–726–7669.
Yes. All of our drivers have active driver’s licenses, are insured to be operating automobiles in Virginia, and have been subject to background testing to make sure we haven’t missed anything.
Phone, email, or text—all three? It’s your choice, really. Whatever works best for you.
Our work is guaranteed. We will work with you and your schedule to make it easy to get the vehicle back into our shop. For more information,
visit our Guarantee page.
We stand by an industry leading 24-month/24,000 mile warranty on all service repairs, except as noted in our warranty found here.
Yes, we carry comprehensive liability insurance which covers any vehicle damage while the vehicle is in our care.
Notify us immediately. If the problem prevents you from driving the loaner car safely, then we’ll bring you another one. We have a large fleet of loaner vehicles (currently more than 40).
The loaner car is yours until we have finished with your repair and  returned your vehicle to  you. At that point, we will pick the loaner car back up for use on our next VTA Valet appointment.
At this time, we are not a 24/7 service. Car pickups can be scheduled between the hours of 7:30am-5pm M-F. If you schedule a pickup after 4pm, we cannot guarantee that your vehicle will be ready to be brought back to you the same day. Luckily for you, that’s why we provide a loaner car.
Payment for the valet fee and all service costs can be done in person when your vehicle is dropped off or over the phone via credit card.
Upon the return of your vehicle after your service has been completed, your valet driver will give you your final invoice. A receipt will then be emailed to you after your credit card payment has been made.