With car care on your schedule, you can take back your day.

We know how busy you are. And we know it can be hard to find the time to get your car serviced. That's why there's VTA Valet. For just $15, we'll come to you, drop off a loaner, take your car to the nearest Virginia Tire & Auto for service, and bring it back when it's done. Making your life just a little less busy.

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Here's how it works.

With VTA Valet you'll be able to track your car from pickup to Virginia Tire & Auto and back. You'll also receive status updates throughout the process.


Schedule an appointment.

Set a pickup date and time to have VTA Valet come and get your car.


Your VTA Valet arrives.

We give you the keys to your loaner. And take your car to Virginia tire & Auto for expert auto repair and service.


Your car is serviced.

A service consultant will call you to talk about the repair and answer any questions.


We exhange keys.

We arrive with your newly serviced car, grab the keys of the loaner, and your VTA Valet experience is complete.

Start using VTA Valet.

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